So, one day I was out walking...

or, pass the chicken!

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Okay, okay. On to the fun stuff.

Howdy! I'm Melissa and this is Stefon. We have a a friend, a rather toothy friend, who we'd like to introduce to you all. He's Coyote. And without further ado, here he is, to tell you a bit about himself and about this LJ community!

Let's see here. Is this thing on? CAN YOU HEAR ME? :: squeeeeal :: Yipe!

Right! We're live.

About me. Coyote.

I'm Coyote.


(aside) Can I get something to drink? Y'know, like, a whiskey? I'm PARCHED!

:: sip :: Ahhhh. :: gulp gulp gulp :: AHHHH. Better. Now. The reason I brought you all here. Why did I bring them all here?

Right. About me. Ancient Trickster god. Yup. And creator of the known universe. For that matter, I created the unknown universe too, but that's another story. A long one too, but I think I we have time. . . . What? We don't? What do you mean, 'Get on with it'? Sheesh, it's only four in the morning and SOMEONE wants to SLEEP. Anyway, I made you guys. All of you. Yes, you too, with the glasses. Didn't think I saw you there, did you? Oh, and I made all of your beliefs and everything too. Basically, if it's here, it's because I made it. All by myself. It was my idea too. I'm just clever that way. Oh, yeah, and I like drinking and smoking and having a really good time. I also like to talk, or in this case, type. Of course, you knew that already, or you wouldn't be here reading this. Just goes to show that you're pretty clever yourself. Give yourself a hand. Go on, don't be shy. Really, I'll wait. :: waits, smoking yet another cigarette :: Ready then? Cool. Let's move on back to me.

I'm brown, amber eyed, really good in bed, and you can reach me at - hey, wait a minute, my time's up? I thought she said I was supposed to talk about myself and everybody would listen and I could say anything I wanted?

Oh yeah! That's what this journal thing's for. Gotcha. :: winks :: So listen up, folks! If you're one of my people, and yes sir, yes ma'am, I'm a talkin' to YOU, and you're on this magic journal thing, this is your mission:

First, get the right cheating medicine so you can start talking in my journal. When you join the party -- group, whatever -- you get your fingers going and let ME do the talking! See, it's the latest thing I've come up with and I call it Paws Across the Earth -- though Stefon says I should call it automatic typing, but face it, that name bites. Anyway, you provide the fingers and I provide the words. It's BRILLIANT, if I do say so myself, and I'm sure I don't. Anyway, maybe you fetch me a whiskey now and again, and everybody gets a new tale or a story or something like that to share with the WORLD!


What are you still reading this for? Go, go, go!

Well. Hi, it's Melissa and Stefon again. If Coyote's little, er, speech, has left you with questions, feel free to reach either one of us - we both have journals here on LJ:

Melissa meorime
Stefon fintach

Have fun!